I am primarily interested in marine mammal behaviour, ecology, and conservation, and the ways in which genetic analyses can be used to obtain a better understanding of these topics. My interests branch out into three other topics as well. The first is theoretical/mathematical population genetics, in that I am becoming increasingly interested in developing statistical approaches and computer programs to improve analyses of population genetic data. Secondly, most of my work has been with endangered species, and I am becoming increasingly interested in the general biology of small populations, the factors influencing individual reproductive success in particular, and how these individual patterns influence population-wide trends. Lastly, I am becoming increasingly interested in forensic work and training. I have a keen interest in the use of genetic data in forensic cases, and the ways in which DNA typing is changing forensics as a whole.

Contact Information

E-mail: timothy.frasier@smu.ca
Tel: (902) 491-6382

Department of Biology
Saint Mary’s University
923 Robie
St. Halifax, NS, B3H 3C3